The Challenge

Establishing a worldwide distribution network to ensure a simultaneous worldwide physical launch for a new IP was a challenge that Solutions 2 GO was prepared to meet. A trusted sub distributor network was essential to cover territories where Solutions 2 GO did not operate locally. Additionally, a refined global marketing strategy was required that could be used across 30+ countries. Developing a go to market strategy to address all of the logistics, sales, operational and financial requirements to bring a product to market in over 30 countries utilized all of the capabilities and expertise of the Solutions 2 GO group of companies.

The Solution

Solutions 2 GO identified distribution partners with the capabilities and core competencies that aligned with our core values on a territory by territory basis including distribution partners in Europe, Africa, Australia and Japan.

Engaging with the S2G purchasing, traffic, finance, operations, and sales teams, as well as consultants and sub distributor partners was necessary to successfully solve for varying international requirements, including the development of packaging and marketing materials on a territory basis in accordance with local regulations.

With our extensive experience in new release launches, forecasting by retailer, by territory was one of the simpler challenges to overcome. In addition we engaged with first party licensors to secure replication rights and identify the appropriate royalty structure for our product and associated replication requirements.

The Result

22 months post-launch, ARK: Survival Evolved has shipped over 2,000,000 units into the global retail channel. The title has experienced incredible sell through and continues to sell consistently.

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