Retail Distribution

Solutions 2 GO (S2G) Retail Distribution. Are you a vendor looking to place product in any of the major retailers in the Americas? A software developer looking for a worldwide distribution partner? A retailer looking to increase your item assortment? Maybe you're having issues sourcing a product line?

As a full-service distributor, S2G’s seasoned sales team will represent your product line to national and independent retailers, provide all sales and administrative infrastructure, and act as an intermediary for promotions and marketing. S2G offers a turn key solution for physical and digital distribution products, in-store and online.

We ship product to over 50,000 retail locations worldwide and have developed distribution solutions to fit every partners' needs. For manufacturers, S2G can be anything from a silent fulfillment partner to your complete sales and marketing arm in the market. We offer a one-stop-shop for vendor and retail partners, delivering value through economies of scale, industry expertise and established system and processes. We emphasize speed-to-market, prioritizing every shipment, ensuring product is in store and online, on time, every time.

Direct to consumer fulfillment

Solutions 2 GO (S2G) Fulfillment. Are you a vendor looking to have your product available for sale online and need a fulfillment partner? Are you a retailer looking for a turnkey solution to offer an endless aisle or a wider assortment of product?

S2G provides pick, pack and ship order fulfillment for some of the biggest retailers/e-tailers in North America. We provide accurate, up to date inventory feeds, fraud detection logic, timed releases, and POD scanning options. We also provide full geographic coverage, carrier options and vendor sourced and approved item meta data for item maintenance, and much more.

Our systems can be customized to interface with all websites and we can accept orders via EDI or other custom solutions.

Digital distribution

Solutions 2 GO (S2G) Digital Distribution. S2G provides a full service code-to-content digital distribution solution. Our breadth of selection provides access to a deep catalogue of video game and related products offering consumers an endless aisle and our customers a worry-free way to play in the digital marketplace.

Our digital distribution service provides retailers with a mechanism to generate digital product revenue through sales on their online stores or through physical bundling options. Our program offers our vendors additional points of sale for their digital product and an expanded assortment to retail. Both vendors and customers benefit from additional points of revenue and ease of entry into the digital retail marketplace.

Retailer network

Are you interested in learning more about the retail channels in a new market? Are you a retailer looking to become a part of our network?

S2G distributes to most major retailers throughout the Americas and has global reach through sub-distribution partners to over 50,000 retail locations. Categories of merchants include electronics stores, general merchandise, video game specialists, grocery and pharmacy, mass merchants and regional specialists as well as a robust network of independent, ‘mom and pop’ retailers.

Sales excellence

As a full-service distributor, our award-winning sales team will represent your product to national and independent retailers, provide all sales and administrative infrastructure, and act as an intermediary for promotions and marketing. S2G offers a turn key solution for best in class distribution.

Our extensive sales service offerings supplement several of our distribution models. Our dedicated staff represent your unique product line to retail with administrative and reporting support. Some services include:

  • retail account management
  • forecasting
  • access to national and independent retailers
  • price protection / markdown administration
  • backend rebates and other related market development funds administration
  • replenishment, life cycle management
  • product asset and item file management
  • consolidated AR/AP
  • freight management
  • a single point of contact for complete territory coverage
  • in-store merchandising and promoters (Latin America)

Inventory management

Localized inventory, in-stock, in country and ready for sale; S2G provides full inventory management services including sales forecasting, lead time management, and product consolidation by territory for the Americas. We coordinate product shipments by territory, track and manage life cycle recommendations, and much more. We provide transparent reporting on inventory flow, ports of entry, and available stock. Our robust reporting capabilities allow channel product visibility to assist with replenishment forecasting and promotional activities.

Import / export

Governmental compliance, product certification, duties, guidance for packaging restrictions, customs and brokerage fees and processes – we handle it all.

Our extensive experience in import requirements for the countries where we operate ensures secure, timely, and hassle-free arrival of products.

Foreign exchange management

When dealing across borders, currency exchange can be a major hurdle for vendors and customers alike. S2G manages the complexity of foreign exchange across the Americas ensuring stability and reliability of revenue for our partners. S2G will purchase in USD or your currency of choice and will manage the local price list in the required currency. Our established local entities and reliable currency management tools offer predictable revenue streams for our partners and remove the complexity of daily currency management.

Channel marketing

Solutions 2 GO provides best in class marketing and promotional services throughout the Latin American and Brazilian regions.

Our professional and dedicated team of industry experts work in conjunction with our vendor partners to promote their products in country while delivering exceptional return on MDF investment. Our team will design, manufacture and distribute marketing materials as well as provide post mortem reporting on events and product launches. S2G’s network of over 450 promoters across Latin America interact directly on retail store floors to merchandise, price, implement promotional displays and assist consumers in their buying journey.

The services offered by our team are professional, flexible, diverse and customized to meet the unique needs of each country in the region.

Custom packing solutions

Vendors and retailers have unique requirements for in store merchandising and often require custom bundles and assortments to provide exclusive product offerings. S2G offers an array of custom configurations based on specific retail requirements including console hardware bundles, pallet/half-pallet displays, corrugate displayers, clip-stripping, PDQ trays and much more. We also offer remanufacturing and repackaging, product stickering, labeling and we will help you with any other special requests.

Disk replication and manufacturing

Following the acquisition of Sony DADC in Brazil, S2G has the complete infrastructure required to manufacture recorded DVD, DVD-Rom and Blu-Ray media. We are also the only manufacturer of PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 media in Brazil. This end to end solution includes local stamper manufacturing, pre-mastering, mastering, disk replication and finishing. Custom services include import, export, supplier management and first in class distribution services from Manaus covering all of Brazil's vast territories.


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