The Challenge

Solutions 2 GO receives up to thousands of digital orders every day, each requiring near instant distribution.

As a fulfillment center, S2G does not have access to credit card or other payment information used for the transaction. Due to privacy protection, we do not receive any personal information for the end consumer. We only require email address to fulfill the order. The inability to validate the payment information against the consumer's information challenges our ability to provide a second level of fraud detection for our retail partners.

The solution

Using our extensive experience with order fulfillment and working closely with our retail partners, S2G is able to identify past fraudulent activities, allowing us to develop a pattern recognition algorithm. We mine our authentic order history to further enhance the process by recognizing lawful order patterns.

Combining these data sets together, we are able to reasonably identify fraudulent activity in real time. All orders received by S2G are subjected to our proprietary validation process and orders that do not pass are placed on hold until our retail partner has confirmed authenticity.

The result

From 2016 to 2018 alone, we have prevented 8,234 fraudulent orders from being processed.

With average prices of digital products around $40, that’s $330,000 of fraud prevention for our retail partners.

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